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  1. quietpeen

    Steering Wheel Upgrade

    The last major piece to the puzzle for my interior is replacing the steering wheel so that I have a heated steering wheel. I didn’t even care about heated seats but i needed them for the module and wiring to work with the heated steering wheel. However I also swapped the seats because I wasn’t...
  2. quietpeen

    It's been quiet around here. Almost TOO quiet.

    Yes it is too quiet in here
  3. quietpeen

    Seat and Center Console Upgrade

    Yea I couldn’t have that, and for some reason the truck this center console came off of the other info wasn’t on it. Just the vin.
  4. quietpeen

    Seat and Center Console Upgrade

    With all the parts I had there was still one thing I had to do to make it mine. I needed to swap the TRX plates with the vin on top of console lid. Its not as straight forward as you would think Because a threaded stud with a nut and washer would be too easy. The plate itself has 3 posts...
  5. quietpeen

    Fix For Driveline Clunk

    Ram has a star case for this. Looks like they grease the driveshaft splines with a special formulation for the trx.
  6. quietpeen

    Modded Used TRX

    oh contacting Livernois is a good idea.
  7. quietpeen

    Modded Used TRX

    welcome and congrats on the truck. Unfortunately I don’t know about the PCM. I would imagine they could completely put the pcm back to stock but then the truck would probably run Like shit.
  8. quietpeen

    RAM TRX Build : DONE

    Looks great!!! Nice work
  9. quietpeen

    Hood Decal 68503292AA

    lol yea decals on hood are not for short people.
  10. quietpeen

    Hellwig rear sway bar kit

    Very nice and great info on the spacers and bolts
  11. quietpeen

    Seat and Center Console Upgrade

    Or if they would like to make a column shifter and paddles work on their truck 🤣
  12. quietpeen

    TRX still The King

    I recently read an article that gave hope that the V8 might not be gone end of next year. So only time will tell the true story.
  13. quietpeen

    Seat and Center Console Upgrade

    I plan to but really hope to not have to try to ship. I’m thinking there is someone out there with a tradesman that would like an interior upgrade
  14. quietpeen

    Seat and Center Console Upgrade

    Swapping the center console is pretty straight forward. 6 10mm bolts holding it in and two plugs in the front. Putting the front seats back in I used blue thread locker on the bolts and torqued the rear to 30 ft. Lbs and then the front to 21 ft. Lbs. because that is what I found on the...
  15. quietpeen

    Seat and Center Console Upgrade

    Got this done today. To me it looks so much better. The base model seats are actually nice for cloth and vinyl, but all that red was too much for me. The leather seats are very comfortable and I now have 8 way powered passenger seat along with heated seats(once I turn that feature on)...
  16. quietpeen

    Seat and Center Console Upgrade

    This evening I pulled the front seat just to save some time this weekend. I’m not going too far yet in case I need the truck to go get something tomorrow morning. Once I pull the center console I’m dead in the water till the reinstall.
  17. quietpeen

    Seat and Center Console Upgrade

    Yea i don’t know how hard it would be to swap that. It might be hard to find that also
  18. quietpeen

    Seat and Center Console Upgrade

    I forgot to post pictures but when I bought these it also came with 2 of the 3 the dash trim pieces and all 4 grab a handles. I have only installed the front two grab handles so far. And here are the two dash trim pieces or bezels. the one I'm missing is the one for the headlight switch.
  19. quietpeen

    Black Rhino Rapid 18x8.5 0 Offset

    Very nice
  20. quietpeen

    Seat and Center Console Upgrade

    Well if it wasn’t foreshadowing, After replacing my door panels to the upgraded door panels becuase I’m not fond of the red accents on the interior, it only makes sense that I was going to replace the seats and center console. I finally pulled the trigger on a set of TRX Level 1 seats. So...