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  1. quietpeen

    New Recall on Tailgate Latch

    Search on Youtube. It's basically the same process but laid out differently on an android device vs. a windows device. Probably easier to understand on android.
  2. quietpeen

    Left Front Turn Signal

    I think there are two boards, one for the turn signal and one for the DTRL.
  3. quietpeen

    Anyone modify their TRX on their own?

    So the top being a pearl coat is going to be hard to match. I understand why the body shops want to blend. Now another option is to have the bottom black covered in stealth ppf. It will provide protection and match more with the fenders.
  4. quietpeen

    Anyone modify their TRX on their own?

    Is your paint a sold color or pearl coat?
  5. quietpeen

    Left Front Turn Signal

    yea it definitely sucks. It not only affected the turn signal. The DTRL is not working either. lol, yea I'm sure Stellantis is more than happy for us to have to buy a $1800 headlight
  6. quietpeen

    Left Front Turn Signal

    Driving to lowes last night i put on my Turn signal and all was fine at first. Then "DING" and then message pops up that front left turn signal is out and hyper flash starts. My first thought is I'm shocked as the turn signals are LED so how did they go out already. After talking to the...
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    Sound system upgrades

    welcome to the site. Please start a thread documenting your install.
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    yea that new tailgate design, while interesting I'm not surprised that it had issues.
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    low beam improvement

    What headlights do you have?
  10. quietpeen

    All cleaned up

    They are awesome trucks. You are right I hardly ever see another TRX where I live.
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    Truck cover USA

    Nice work. Assuming you ground down the rails on the bed cover?
  12. quietpeen

    First timer

    Welcome to the site. Great looking truck. You are right they are easy to take(too easy). The two popular options are Ravelco and IGLA. Both options work well and they both have their pluses and minuses.
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    Welcome and nice collection
  14. quietpeen

    flashdrive not responding

    Uconnect is another factor in this. I had a 2016 and never was able to get it to play music by using the VR button. It played the music fine by browsing the drive though.
  15. quietpeen

    flashdrive not responding

    What size is your flash drive? Not sure what it is, but there is a size limit.
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    That looks really good too
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    Looks good. First time I have seen one in that location. Usually it’s straight above in the in the lower section of the grill.
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    New Recall on Tailgate Latch

    I feel your pain. Luckily I have my work laptop that I was able to use.
  19. quietpeen

    New Recall on Tailgate Latch

    oh wow, ok. If you have AlfaOBD or access to it I recommend it. 1 setting and done.