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Just picked her up Saturday from SC! I had a blue TRX on order but couldn't wait so I pulled the trigger. This might be a stupid question but how do you activate the dome lights to come on when you unlock the truck or open the door?
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Beer Money
Beer Money
Truck didn't come with side steps so does anyone have suggestions? Im not a fan of the amp steps had them and wasn't impressed so I need some help.
I have 2016 2500 laramie mega cab & my sunroof isn't sitting flush at both back corners & sunlight u can see if you're sitting in the driver's seat. it's still not sitting flushs loud!!Someone help please, cuz since they replaced it do to the recall I have nothing but PROBLEMS with it! Please HELP!16422681005727683413101630135826.jpg16422681638598081005024798892127.jpg16422681638598081005024798892127.jpg


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Just a friendly note here. Different sheriff here be advised. Doubt you will be around long but please refrain from posting on my responses. I will not be posting on yours because you are going on ignore here as well.
drive a power wagon but also love the TRX
Post this on the forum. ;)
Mopar Muscle
I drive a Ram r/t and if it had the 392 as in my srt 300, with a manual 6sp shifter and ram air like my Challenger shaker r/t that would be sick. Although it's not likely to ever have that combination, I can hardly wait to have a supercharged Ram TRX put a spell on me to possess one!