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    Ordering for the 2023 TRX have opened up. We will be continuing with our off of MSRP pricing. No gimmick, no BS, just one excellent price! MSRP 85K and under will be 9,500 off MSRP over 85k will be 10k! Simply reach out to [email protected] or [email protected] LETS GO!!!!!
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    Koons $10,000 OFF MSRP

    I posted in the Vendor section just a couple of moments ago! Let me know if you need anything
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    KOONS 10K OFF MSRP OR 11% Below MSRP

    $10,000 off MSRP or 11% below MSRP whichever is greater on the TRX. All other RAM trims are 6% below invoice. (1500/2500/3500) DODGE is at 6% below Invoice with the exception of Super Stock which is 5% below invoice. Jailbreaks are not included due to allocation restraints. Wrangler 392 $8000...
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    Koons $10,000 OFF MSRP

    Thanks for the love guys!! Look forward to building an awesome relationship!
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    Koons $10,000 OFF MSRP

    I replied and added a couple others as well. Lets gooooo!!
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    Koons $10,000 OFF MSRP

    Koons $10,000 OFF MSRP I would like to go through the proper channels to support this forum and offer our group buy program here. Anyone know how to become a Vendor? Any help would be appreciated.