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Hi Griffin, Yes that sounds good please tell me again how to sign up and pay, or send a link.
Thank You
Aaron Bambach
Ram Graphic Studio
Just picked her up Saturday from SC! I had a blue TRX on order but couldn't wait so I pulled the trigger. This might be a stupid question but how do you activate the dome lights to come on when you unlock the truck or open the door?
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Beer Money
Beer Money
Truck didn't come with side steps so does anyone have suggestions? Im not a fan of the amp steps had them and wasn't impressed so I need some help.
Hey @Beer Money Congrats on the new truck. Didn't see these questions because they were profile posts. For the dome lights check in the settings on the 12" screen to see if they are maybe turned off. Also there is a button on the overhead console to also turn them on and off.
For side steps I have aftermarket because I was able to transfer them over from my Rebel. For the steps if you can find them the regular steps that come on the TRX are what I would get if I was looking. Not the retractable ones, and not the ones that are call rock rails.
I have 2016 2500 laramie mega cab & my sunroof isn't sitting flush at both back corners & sunlight u can see if you're sitting in the driver's seat. it's still not sitting flushs loud!!Someone help please, cuz since they replaced it do to the recall I have nothing but PROBLEMS with it! Please HELP!16422681005727683413101630135826.jpg16422681638598081005024798892127.jpg16422681638598081005024798892127.jpg


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Just a friendly note here. Different sheriff here be advised. Doubt you will be around long but please refrain from posting on my responses. I will not be posting on yours because you are going on ignore here as well.
drive a power wagon but also love the TRX
Post this on the forum. ;)
Mopar Muscle
I drive a Ram r/t and if it had the 392 as in my srt 300, with a manual 6sp shifter and ram air like my Challenger shaker r/t that would be sick. Although it's not likely to ever have that combination, I can hardly wait to have a supercharged Ram TRX put a spell on me to possess one!