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Nov 27, 2021
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Gilbert, Arizona
Just wanted to show some rear lighting we offer for the Ram 1500. Our TRX Tow Hook Reverse Light Kit will work if you are running our TRX Rear Tow Hook Brackets on your 4th or 5th Gen Ram 1500. I'll list below the kits on our truck. Everything seen in the video is available for purchase on our website at :

1) Shifts And Grins Fabrication Ditch Light Brackets with Diode Dynamics SS5 Pods and Diode Dynamics wiring Harness. Link below to our kit we are running. Just brackets and other kit options also available on the site:

2) Shifts And Grins Fabrication 30" Light bar brackets with Diode Dynamics 30" Light Bar. This is available in kits or just brackets so you can use your own 30" light bar. Kit we are using is linked below:

3) Shifts And Grins Fabrication Chase Light Brackets with Diode Dynamics SS3 Sport pods with Amber lens and combo optic. I modified a Diode Dynamics Reverse Light Wiring harness to work with my kit. I do not have a kit together yet because I want to find or develop a wiring harness option that is ready to go before putting a full kit together. I can help with a discount of the brackets and walk you through wiring if you want to do the setup we have on our truck. Link to brackets below:

4) Shifts And Grins Fabrication Auto Operation Reverse Light Kit. Kit includes Reverse Pod Light Brackets, two Diode Dynamics SSC1 Pod lights with Red back lights and white reverse light/ main beams, auto operation plug and play harness. We have other Reverse Light options available on the site but this is what we are running. If you don't have a TRX or our Rear TRX Tow Hook Brackets, those will be needed to run this kit. I will link our Tow Hook Brackets a little below: Auto Operation kit we are running:

5) Diode Dynamics Hitch Pod Kit. CR1 kit is backordered as of 01/11/2023 and expected 8-12 weeks. We have some SSC1 sport kits in stock as of today 01/11/2023 and we have several of both kits on order. We are running the C1R kit on our truck. Link to hitch pod kits below:

6) If you don't have a TRX or our TRX Rear Tow Hook Brackets, her is the link to mount TRX Rear Tow Hooks on your 5th Gen Ram 1500 or 4th Gen Ram 1500. Links below:

5th Gen Ram 1500:

4th Gen Ram 1500 (These will be discontinued when sold out):

Mopar TRX Rear Tow Hooks:

Let us know if you have questions or we can help in any way.

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